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An American voting for Obama is Like A Chicken voting for Col. Sanders!

Every time you see an Obama ad, Click on it! It costs him money every time you do!!!! Pass it on!!!!

Words do Matter! Watch this Video!

1. Rescue of the United States Constitution from Destruction, both Intentional and Unintentional, in order to return this country to being the greatest country on earth, in accordance with all of the of Sacred ideals our founding fathers held so dear.
2.We do not support any single candidate. We will support All who believe in following the Constitution as written by our founding Forefathers. No silly games are allowed. Only the Strict use of Definitions as shown in accepted dictionaries are to be used.
3. We will expose those who attempt to defile, warp, disregard, or redefine any portion of the Constitution to the best of our ability. We will not rest until these individuals are removed from positions of power or influence in our society. If possible and/or prudent, we will lobby for criminal prosecution in all instances where we can find evidence of the violation of the greatest Law of our Land! This includes but not limited to the making of regulations, policies, pressure, coercion and/or influence that:
A. Are not in accordance with the law that authorizes them!
B. Attempts to invoke any Treaty Not Ratified by Congress!
C. Effects only a targeted group of Businesses or people!
D. Favors any one group above others!
E. Encroaches on the Specific Rights Given to the Member States!
F. Encroaches on the Specific Rights Given to the Citizens of These United States!
G. Are Specifically given to another Branch of the Government of these United States!
H. Violates or Undermines the Sovereignty of the United States!
I. Invokes any treaty that Supersedes the Constitution in any Way, Shape or Form!
4. There are many other issues that are of concern to the Citizens of these United States and must be addressed. Our desire is that they be addressed in a manner that is Consistent with Rules that are established in the Constitution of the United States. We will drive for solutions that treat all Citizens equally, fairly, and with respect.
5. We hold the Right to Vote in a" Free Secret Ballot" sacred and Only Citizens of the United States have this right.
This right is Guaranteed in our Constitution and Requires laws that enforce it without Prejudice or Exemptions.
No Department or Organization has the power to Ignore violations of this process in any occurrence.
6. We will Lobby for Fair and Speedy Trials to decide all offences to our laws. Persons tried Years after the offense does not meet the rules laid down in our Constitution.
7. We will apply pressure for Just and Harsh Punishments for any who Knowingly Incarcerates any person by either by Withholding, Suppressing, Manufacturing, or any other manipulation of evidence to gain a conviction of the defendant that is later found to be innocent.
8. We will fight to prevent any cuts in our Military that would harm our Nations ability to defend itself or our vital entrusts any where in the world. Where justified, we will attempt to have officials that attempt to make these cuts either removed from office and possibly prosecuted for criminal conduct.
9. We will lobby for Just and Harsh Punishments for so-called "White Collar Crimes" (Stealing money from stock holders is the same as Robbing a bank!)( Knowingly selling worthless investments such as "subprime mortgages").

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